Better Late Than Never


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released June 3, 2015



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MHTH Albuquerque, New Mexico

A few guys from Albuquerque.

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Track Name: All The Things That I'm Not
(Go tell them all that you should've kept your distance and all that I'll need is time and space. That I'm running out of options. That I'm running out of ways to explain I get..)

Withdrawn and distant when you're the reason that I dwell on it all. I'm losing myself again. I don't know where I stand; You zero-in on all the things that I'm not. I drift and I fade away.

Everyone knows I'm all sewn up again, and everyone knows your aim's set to fray the ends. YOU'RE THE REASON THAT I SLEEP IN, and it goes...

What do you expect? Your gravity pulls me in close to the edge. I'm losing myself again. I no longer pretend that I'm the type that you create in your head- not the kid that you knew back then. I don't know where I stand; You zero-in on all the things I can't give. I dwell on it all instead.


You're the secondhand smoke that I'd love to quit but I can't. You bring me down but you keep me.
Track Name: Five Years
We said we'd never let our past mistakes be our quicksand. Well I feel my feet settling and my options running thin, and my patience wearing thin. Five years have come and left and these pens and inks don't have it in them.. Can't quite explain to the rest just how heavily my heart hangs in my chest.

This wears me out so.. You wear me down so low.

Tell me anything, just don't tell me that this is all in my head. Folding on your safest bet like either my luck is running out or has overslept. It has overslept again..

We're slipping up again. We breathe another sigh and then a broken sentence feeds the frustration, and Im trying my fucking best but I can't get over this. Never letting go of it, we still fool ourselves into thinking we have. Bad timing has the upper hand and I'll never get over this.

You kill me with that smile, girl.

I say that its just my luck, she says that I was never good enough.